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Mutual Funds

Are you interested in investing, but you neither have the time nor the inclination to learn about securities? Do you want to have a diversified portfolio of securities, but think you don't have enough money to do so?

Mutual funds may be the answer.

Mutual funds are ever changing portfolios of stocks, bonds or other securities owned by a group of investors and professionally managed. The investors have common financial goals.

Pooling your money with others enables the mutual fund manager to invest in many different securities, creating a diverse portfolio. On your own, you would probably be limited in the number of investments you could make. A diverse portfolio* may offer you more security, even if one investment is doing poorly another may be doing well. 

*Diversification neither assures a profit nor protects against a loss in a declining market.  In addition, a diversified portfolio does not guarantee that it will outperform a non-diversified portfolio.

Each mutual fund has a particular objective, allowing investors to have an idea of what degree of risk they will face. Keeping the portfolio in line with the objective is the responsibility of the investment company. The type of securities the mutual fund buys is spelled out in a detailed investment document called a prospectus.   Before purchasing shares in a mutual fund, investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the mutual fund and its investment options.  For this and other information, obtain the prospectus for the mutual fund and its investment options from your Registered Representative.  Please read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.

A financial services professional can review your investment strategies and discuss how mutual funds may fit into those plans.